BARRY 1969

Butlins Brighton 1972 Ann 1 at Redcoats Reunited
Butlins Redcoat 1969 to 1972
Barry – Pwllheli – Brighton

Hi A.J.,
My name is Rebecca Hambly. These are photos and memories of my late-mother's happy times as a Butlins Redcoat. I'm still trying to piece things together, but know she was a Redcoat in various camps from 1969 to 1972.


I'm not sure for how long my mum was at Barry Island, where she frequently sang at the Gaiety Theatre and Pig & Whistle Bar, as Samantha Jones - one of her many stage names!

Samantha Jones (aka: Ann O'Neill) hosting a Singalaong in
the Pig & Whistle Bar - BARRY 1969

On Sept 3rd 1969 she won first prize in The People National Talent Contest at Pwllheli but in October 1969 she was disqualified from taking part in the semi-finals at Butlins due to her being a Redcoat earlier in the season, but she had apparently given up her job on the staff to enter the competition. In 1970, she entered the competition again and won her heat.

On the 1st October 1971, under the stage name Samantha McCoy, she signed a contract and to appear as a member of the touring show “Here Come the Redcoats” from 28th October – 18th December 1971, with Mike Onions, Terry Dale, Frankie Day, Sham Cody, Cathy Power and the organist Sid Longden. They toured Working Men's Clubs, and also did several RAF bases.

My dad, Graham Hambly, was a lifeguard at Butlins, and also appeared on stage on a number of occasions. “The Gargles Three” has been mentioned in the past - maybe this was an entertainment group he was in?

My mum and dad met in 1972 and married a few weeks later, in Merseyside, Mum had to work at Brighton Butlins the very next day and wouldn't see Graham again until 2 weeks later when he arrived.

 If anyone knew her, or my dad,  and can add anything to this article I’d be so grateful. 

 You can write to AJ Marriot via the link below with any information.

 Thank you on behalf of my late-mum, Ann O’Neill (later known as Samantha Hambly), and dad Graham Hambly.

 Kind regards,

 Rebecca Black (nee Hambly)

BUTLINS BARRY 1969 - Ann O'Neill




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