BUTLINS CLACTON 1949 to 1960


Here is another in our series of FeatuRED.

This time around our chosen REDCOAT is GAY BROWNLEY who worked at

BUTLINS CLACTON 1961 to 1964

Gay has such a great history with Butlins, that we are about to serialise it:

EPISODE 1 - The Winner Takes it All (1949-1960)

Kiddies Holiday Lovelies (under 6 years)

You may be wondering why Redcoat Gay doesn't appear in the above photo. Well she does, as Gay's history with Butlins goes back twelve years before she actually fulfilled her dream and became a Redcoat.

Above, Gay is No.30 in the "Kiddies Holiday Lovelies" competition, Clacton 1949, which she went on to win. Whereas every Redcoat has supervised numerous competitions, this young lady firstly participated in them, and actually WON most of them, as you will soon see.

Gay, No.70 on the right, coming 3rd in the Fancy Dress competition,
with it's theme The Festival of Britain.

The Brownleys went to Butlins Clacton on a regular basis, and below are some of their family snaps, along with official Butlins photos.

Redcoat Kay, being snuggled
by a Groucho Marx look-alike.

Gay, as winner of the "Junior Miss" competition,
meets the winner of the "Young Tarzan."

Gay, her father, and sister having a shower.

Piggy-backing a boy jumping into the pool.

With sister Jill on the boating lake.

Winning the 'Junior Miss' competition - AGAIN.
(6 - 14 years)

Sport's Day

And it wasn't just Gay doing all the winning. Here we see
her mum and dad on the winner's rostrum at the Sport's Day event.

Square Dance

This time, Mr. & Mrs. Brownley are with their winning Square Dance partners.

(3rd and 4th from right)

'Uncle' Tommy Keele

Gay, centre, posing with other winners from the week's competitions.
Behind, in the clown's hat, is 'Uncle' Tommy Keele.

Gay with Redcoat Chuck

That little girl is now a lovely young lady, and
proves to be a great attraction to Redcoat Chuck.

Butlins MISS SHE winner 1959

Gay's looks and dress sense combining to
win her the title of MISS SHE.

Butlins Clacton 1959 Redcoat

Ken Arnold was another Redcoat who liked to spend
time with the Brownleys. It's not hard to see why.

Butlins Filey 1960 The Girls with the Best Cared for Complexion

That pretty face again stands Gay in good stead, as she wins:
'The Girls with the Best Cared for Complexion' sponsored by LUX.
(That's a genuine title, as the banner above the backdrop will confirm.)

Butlins Clacton Redcoats 1960

Redcoats Mike, Roger, and Harry are captured for the Brownleys' family album.

Butlins Clacton 1960 Redcoat Chuck

Butlins Clacton 1960 Redcoat Roger

Redcoat Chuck looking dapper
on his day off.

Camp Comic Roger finds his bike
useful for catching pretty girls.

Gay also came second in the "Holiday Lovelies" Competition
- an event which was captured on colour film, and then shown in cinemas.
The clip can be found on the recent TV documentary "Blackpool to Benidorm,"

which was narrated by Ruth Madoc, and included the history of Butlins.

Gay fulfills her ambition, and becomes a Redcoat.
BUTLINS CLACTON 1961 - Gay Brownley

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