This lovely young lady is

who was a Redcoat at Filey
for the 1955 and 1956 seasons.

And here she is in close-up, with her prison number.

(Filey 1955)

Shirley leading the Sunday morning parade of 'Houses.'
[I love how you've got someone banging a big bass drum, followed by a brass band,
passing a sign which says, "QUIET PLEASE!"]
(Filey 1956)

Shirley leading another Sunday morning parade of 'Houses.'
(Filey 1955)

Yet another Sunday morning parade of 'Houses,'
this one with a "Cavemen looking for a mate" theme.

(Filey 1956)

Gerry Maxin (centre) and a second Redcoat help Shirley
out of the pool after an unscheduled and unwanted dip.

(Filey 1956)

For a typical scene of daily activity around the outdoor pool,
take a look at this YouTube footage, shot at Butlins Filey in 1956.

[Please note that the second clip is claimed to be Filey 1957, but it was actually shot at Butlins Ayr.]

Posing with the weekly York House Campers' Committee.
(Filey 1956)

As Redcoats weren't allowed to dance together, this is probably a demonstration.
(Filey 1955)

Shirley (right) with Redcoat friend,
doing a spot of baby-minding.

(Filey 1955)

Girls, Girls, Girls,
Girls, Girls, Girls!

(Filey 1955)

'The blessing of the bike' ceremony, during the end of season 'Religion Week.'
(Filey 1956)

Camp Comic Johnny O'Mahoney, practising a bit of rough play with one Redcoat girl,
while Shirley seems pleased it wasn't her he picked on.
(Filey 1955)

Shirley Willoughby went on to do the 1957 and 1958 seasons at the Butlins' Hotels, Margate.
Unfortunately, the photos she had taken there have been lost.
At Margate she met and then married John Norman. Sadly, John has since passed on.
So, if you have any photos of Shirley and/or John, please email me and I will pass them on.

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We are sincerely grateful to the photographers who took these pictures,
and preserved them as windows to the past, and to
SHIRLEY WILLOUGHBY (later Shirley Norman) who sent them in.
(Thanks to Ron Stanway and Gerry Maxin for additional information)

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