BUTLINS FILEY 1963 - 1964

Christine Friend

I moved to Filey in 1963, following two seasons at Butlins Skegness, which you can find via this link:

Johnny O'Mahoney, Ken Wood, Christine Friend (me)

Christine Friend, anon, Anne O' Brien ............................. Frank Mansell

And here are The Dawnbreakers, surrounded by fans.

TRAMP'S BALL. End of season party. Filey 1964.
That's me in the middle, wearing a beard.

Christine Friend

Life and Times at Butlins 1961 – 1966


            End of season Redcoat party. Invite

 1962   SKEGNESS

            Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, with Ringo Starr on drums played in the Rock Ballroom. 

            Elephant walked into the swimming pool and drowned.

 1963   FILEY

            The Camp was so large that I was issued with a bicycle to get around.

 1964   FILEY

            Tramps Party – end of season. [See photo]

            Redcoats Team had to dress up and perform 'The Lancers”   in the ballroom.

 1965   BOGNOR

            Met my husband, David Ingram, also a Redcoat.  You can see him  on the Bognor 1966  Redcoat team photo. 

 1966   BOGNOR

        Frank Mansell was Area Entertainments Manager for the East Coast.  After the end of season at the camp, we would return to Head Office in Oxford Street and deal with hundreds of applications from people wanting to be Redcoats.  Mr Mansell would then hold interviews in three or four major cities around the UK to finalise recruitment for the following season. 

             Camper Weekends in the Wintertime

            I would catch the Friday evening train to Clacton, Margate, Bognor or Brighton. The Redcoats would escort the train from Victoria with campers on board. 

             Royal Albert Hall Reunions

            October/November once a year there was a Butlin's Reunion week-long event held at the Royal Albert Hall. I remember Al Fried Orchestra playing and some dancing finals being held. 

6th January 2022

Prior to my seasons at Filey, I did two at Skegness. To join me there, click on the link below.

Christine Friend - SKEGNESS 1961 and 62

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