Ocean Hotel, Saltdean, Brighton


Butlins Brighton 1962 Carol Lupton at Redcoats Reunited

BUTLINS BRIGHTON 1960 at Redcoats Reunited

A proud dad visiting his glamorous and talented daughter.
(Butlins Ocean Hotel, Saltdean, Brighton 1960)

BUTLINS BRIGHTON 1960 Carol at Redcoats Reunited

Carol Lupton on the first steps to stardom.
(Actually, they're the steps of the Ocean Hotel)

Butlins Brighton 1959 video at Redcoats Reunited

Carol with visiting cabaret group - THE SPRINGFIELDS

Second from left is Dion O'Brien, who had changed his name to "Tom Springfield."
Second from right is Mary O'Brien, who had changed her name to "Dusty Springfield.
Between Tom and Dusty is third member Tim Feild.

(Butlins Ocean Hotel, Saltdean, Brighton 1960)

Carol Turner (nee Lupton) 14th January 1942 - 2nd March 2012

It is usually the Redcoats themeselves who send in photos of their former days at Butlins. In this instance, however, it was Carol's brother John who submitted them as, sadly, Carol passed away recently. John gave us the following account of Carol's association with Butlins, for which we are most grateful and moved:

Around 1959 or 1960, after a background in dancing, Carol became a Butlins' Redcoat, working mainly at the Ocean Hotel, in Brighton. Here she became friends with the singing group 'The Springfields,' who were a regular act there.

Carol met other famous names who started as Redcoats, such as Freddie 'Parrot Face' Davies, and Irish comedian Dave O'Mahoney (The latter later changed his name to Dave Allen). She also knew Jimmy Tarbuck very well, and the two of them would trade stories about the people they knew in Liverpool.

Enjoy this footage of the newly-opened Butlins Saltdean Hotel, Brighton

In later life, Carol and her husband would often return to the Ocean Hotel, as guests, where they would occasionally bump into friends she had first met as Redcoats, and even some former guests she had got to know during her time there.

She passed away at Abbey Chase nursing home in Chertsey, on 2nd March 2012.

Carol will always be remembered with fond and loving memories as a person who would make friends with everyone she came into contact with, and to whom she was always generous, thoughtful, and giving.

John Lupton (brother)

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We are sincerely grateful to the photographers who took these pictures,
and preserved them as windows to the past, and to John Lupton for sharing them.

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