by Frankie Bull

I was delighted when I was offered work at the Ocean Hotel, Saltdean, Brighton for the 64-65 winter season. I was told it was unusual for a first-year Red' to be offered winter work, so I was particularly chuffed.

Butlins Brighton 1964 at Redcoats Reunited Frankie 1 guests

OCEAN HOTEL - Winter 1964-65
Posing with some of that week's guests are:
Left: Behind Maggie Ayres is Bill Alison. Front Centre: Frankie Bull,
Second Row: Mike Onions, Paul, Babs Palmer.

The Ocean was a tremendous learning curve for me and I quickly settled in to the routine. Vince and Pam Dimmano were my first managers there. I met the brilliant Martin Tiffen, who was perhaps the best compere I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. (Mike Onions was also damn good.)

Butlins Brighton 1964 at Redcoats Reunited Frankie 1

Regency Bar
That's me, Frankie Bull, sounding just like Frank Sinatra.
Well that's what it sounded like to me!!
Jimmy Noon on Piano - Peter Millington on drums. Winter 1964

We had a couple of temporary managers (Al Harris might have been one. I can't remember) and then Peter and Jo Millington came along. Peter was a very talented musician - great pianist, trombonist, and no slouch on the drums either.

Butlins Brighton 1964 at Redcoats Reunited Frankie 3 drag

Posing with the winner of 'Miss She' are:
Linda Noon, Babs Morrison, Maggie, me (in drag), Robin Prescott, girl ?? Bill

I had the pleasure, too, of working alongside the great Jimmy Noon and his lovely wife, Lynda Noon. I was to catch up with them both many years later (1988 and 2000) when they were both still at the Ocean.

Butlins Brighton 1964 at Redcoats Reunited Frankie 2

Staff Party, Ocean Hotel , Saltdean 1965
[They must have been short-staffed!!]

And my fantastic times at Butlins weren't over yet as, come the summer of 1965, I was back at Pwllheli. Follow me there on the link below:
Frankie Bull

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We are sincerely grateful to the photographers who took these pictures,

and preserved them as windows to the past,
and to FRANKIE BULL and BABS MORRISON for sharing them.

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