BUTLINS FILEY 1963 - 1965

Penny Holmes

No! that's not my baby.
It's me in my role as 'Aunty' Penny.

I applied to be a Redcoat in my final year at school, and consider that I was lucky to be accepted as, apart from my swimming, I had no other talents to offer. Minehead was where I was sent. You can see my Minehead photos here:

The following year I asked if I could transfer to Filey, as it wasn't so far to travel, and that was accepted. Consequently I did three seasons at Filey - 1963, 64, and 64 - which is where these photos date from:

Filey 1964 ball games at Redcoats Reunited

Ball Games in the Ballroom. [Why else would it be called a Ballroom?]

Dave Fish compering the Junior Miss competition.

Filey 1964 Beaver Kids at Redcoats Reunited

The children's 'Uncle' was Maurice Green. He's the big kid, in the jacket.

Filey 1964 cowboy kids at Redcoats Reunited

And here's Maurice Green as the 'Sheriff', about to chase the baddie off the camp.

Filey 1964 trampoline at Redcoats Reunited

Me helping to keep the kiddies jumping for joy.

This time it's Graham who is trying
to woo two girls at the same time.

But girls can play at that game. Here's me
 with Graham and another lifeguard - Eddie.

Penny's recent comments on her four seasons as a Butlins Redcoat were:
I loved it of course, as we all did. I was a rather shy girl, lacking in confidence but wearing that red jacket made me into a different person (who reverted back when I was back in civvies). I've found my inner-Redcoat again over the last few years, running our local Parkinson's support group and, as activities co-ordinator, at our big annual Parkinson's holiday at Blackpool.

[AJM. It just goes to show: 'Once a Redcoat - always a Redcoat.'].


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